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REGISTRATION NO. X698 – A polyether impression material in a hand-mix formulation that is ideal for precise and detailed bite registrations. Includes 2 tubes base-120ml each; 2 tubes catalyst-60ml each; 1 mixing pad. Hydrophilic polyether characteristics provide highly precise detailed bite registrations. Direct application onto the occlusal for simple handling. Thixotropic properties offer occlusal application without slumping. Provides high final hardness combined with easy trimming.

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Polyether impression material for bite registrations


  • High precision due to hydrophilic properties. Excellent flow properties even in moist environment.
  • Simple handling due to direct filling of the Ramitec syringe and direct application onto occlusal surface
  • Stable and resistance free during occlusion due to the thixotropic properties
  • High end hardness combined with easy cutting
  • The Penta version ensures continuous workability and practical handling


Bite registrations


Keep between 5oC and 27oC


2 x 120ml Tube Base Paste

2 x 15ml Tube Catalyst

1 x Ramitec Application Syringe

1 x Mixing Pad