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Astrobrush® is an innovative polishing system that achieves high gloss lustrous polishing without the use of polishing paste.

Its working principle is based on the integration of silicone carbide in special fibres. These fibres, even if they wear out, will always find the fresh medium abrasive on the surface. This is why its brushes always have a strong high polishing performance, making it easier to achieve desired results with the Astrobrush system rather than with conventional polishers.

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Polishing cups


  • Small cup
    Small cup for anterior and cervical restorations, occlusal surfaces, elimination of stains that are close to the gingiva as well as reduced areas.
  • Large cup
    For polishing large surfaces in posterior areas and eliminating stains.


  • This system is indicated for composites, compomers, ceramics and glass ionomer cements.


  • Box of 6 units