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An all-in-one biocompatible and bioactive material offering outstanding sealing properties to fully replace dentine, both in the crown and in the root with additional unique benefits.

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A bio-active calcium silicate-based material to use wherever dentine is damaged.


  • Sets in 10 – 12 minutes
  • Versatile usage: endodontic repair and restorative procedures.
  • Natural micro mechanical anchorage for excellent sealing properties without surface preparation.
  • Preservation of pulp vitality.
  • Prevention of clinical failures.
  • Similar mechanical properties and mechanical behavior as human dentin; ultimate dentine substitute.
  • 3.5mm Aluminum radiopacity for easy short and long term follow-up.


  • In the crown: temporary enamel restoration, permanent dentin restoration, deep or large carious lesions, deep cervical or radicular lesions, pulp capping, pulpotomy.
  • In the root: root and furcation perforations, internal/external resorptions, apexification, retrograde surgical filling.


  • Take a capsule and gently tap it on a hard surface to loosen the powder.
  • Open it and place it on the white capsule holder.
  • Detach a single-dose container of liquid and gently tap on the sealed cap to force all the liquid down the container.
  • Twist cap to open. Be careful that no drop of liquid falls out of the single dose container.
  • Pour 5 drops from the single-dose container into the capsule.
  • Close the capsule and place on a mixing device, such as Technomix, Cap-Mix, Rotomix, Ultramat etc., at a speed of 4000 – 4200 rotations/min and mix for 30 seconds.
  • Open the capsule and check the materialʼs consistency. If a thicker consistency is preferred, wait for 30 sec to 1 min before checking again. Do not exceed the working time.
  • Collect Biodentine® with the instrument supplied in the box. Depending on the desired application, you may handle Biodentine® with an amalgam carrier, a spatula or a Root Canal Messing Gun.


A box contains 15 x capsules + 15 x single-dose containers