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The Cavifil Injector is used to apply dental filling materials directly from the Cavifil into the tooth cavity to be restored.

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An instrument for the application of dental restorative materials supplied by Cavifils.


  • The Cavifil Injector allows molars at the back of the oral cavity to be reached comfortably.
  • Depending on the position of the jaw and cavity the capsules containing the restorative materials (Cavifils) can be turned 360° in the injector.
  • High-viscosity materials can be dispensed with ease because of the high transmission ratio of the injector.
  • The Cavifils can be easily changed and the Cavifil Injector is suitable for dispensing Ivoclar Vivadent materials that are available in Cavifils.


  • Introduce the Cavifil (capsule filled with restorative material) into the respective recess of the Injector from below and press until it snaps into place
  • The Cavifil is now secured in the Injector and can be rotated 360°, if required.
  • Apply the Cavifil content by uniformly activating the lever
  • Excessively fast extrusion of the contents from the Cavifil or the exertion of extremely high force during application should be avoided.
  • After applying the material, remove the Cavifil by pressing it downwards and prepare the Cavifil Injector for reuse.


  • x 1 Cavifil Injector Gun