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Pack Size: PK 50

Amalgam in self-activating capsules. A mixture of irregular (atomized) and lathe cut particles.

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Outstanding handling qualities
– Easy to insert condense and polish to silver glance
Excellent physical properties
– Lowest creep value and setting expansion for high dimensional stability
– Very high and early compressive strength for early loading
– Very high corrosion resistance
Physical properties
– Compressive strength 1 h: 210 MPa
– Compressive strength 24h: 530 MPa
– Static creep: 005%
– Dimensional change: +002%
– Working time: ~ 4 min


445% Silver
30% Tin
255% Copper

The alloy powder is a mixture of irregular atomized and lathe cut particles.


Stress-bearing occlusal restorations in the posterior area (Class I and II)


Standard package of 50 capsules Ardent Futura in 1 2 and 3 spill


Ardent Futura is CE marked through NIOM and makes your work easy and comfortable
because it incorporates all the material advantages of the latest amalgam technology. The
mixture of spheroid and lathe cut particles offers optimum working characteristics. The early
high compressive strength prohibits sensitivity with early loading and eliminates fractures.
Lowest creep values combined with a slight setting expansion provide excellent marginal
adaptation and high dimensional stability. Ardent Futura meets the requirements if ISO
standard No. 1559 as well as ADA specification No. 1.