D-Light Pro

It offers two curing programs with dual wavelength: High Power (1400mW/cm2) for all routine cases, and Low Power (700mW/cm2) when it is preferable to limit heat generation – for instance in deep cavities when the preparation comes close to the pulp. Thanks to the blue & violet LEDs used in these two curing modes, D-Light Pro can efficiently polymerise all light-cured dental materials.

Besides, D-Light Pro also offers a unique Detection Mode based on near-UV light only. This violet light will enable you to spot what is not always visible to the naked eye: from infected dentin to plaque, micro-leakage, fluorescent restorations or excess cement, cracks…

D-Light Pro also features a very light & thin handpiece, which can be manipulated just like a hand instrument and offers maximum comfort for both patient and clinician.

Last but not least, the handpiece can be fully autoclaved (once electronic components & battery have been removed) – ensuring optimal hygiene and eliminating risks of cross-contamination.

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