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With a track record of nearly 30 years, The Dental Warehouse is a leading South African based distributor of high-quality dental products and services to dental professionals in private practice and state health facilities. Our staff across the country are committed to providing high quality products and service. We are experts in the field, with many years experience in the industry, trained at all levels to support the needs of our customers.

Seal of Excellence

In 2013 Henry Schein, a top Nasdaq-listed US-based multinational healthcare products provider, bought an interest in the family owned business. As a proud Henry Schein Company, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of Henry Schein private-label dental consumables.
After all the quality criteria are met, we create the packaging and add our Henry Schein "Seal of Excellence" on the product. The seal indicates that we are so convinced that you will appreciate the product that we grant you an unconditional right of return. All consumable products are "free" samples as you can return it for a 100 % credit note if you are unhappy with the specifications. View the latest catalogue here.

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